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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL


Designer Landscapes, Inc. has a team of devoted individuals who strive each and every day to offer the best in landscape design and installation.  Throughout each step of the landscaping process, the customer is working with highly qualified and educated professionals ensuring the final product just does not meet, but exceeds the customer's expectations.

From the initial call or email to our office, Terry, our Business Manager, takes your information and schedules your initial, free consultation with our designer.  She also is responsible for all office operations from billing and collections to inventory control and management.  She is the backbone of the overall operations.


After speaking with Terry, you will then be introduced to our Designer and Landscape Artist, Bobby Brooks.  Bobby will meet with you at your home or office to start the conversation of what you want or need in your landscaping.  He'll take meticulous notes and measurements, and then return to the office and start to hand draw and color a design worth framing.  He will return to explain our vision for your landscaping and walk you through each planting bed and its offerings so you can begin to visualize the end product.


Now comes the fun part - the transformation!  Patty, our owner and main installer, will appear with her dedicated crew to begin taking your landscaping from the ordinary and transforming into the extraordinary!  The team works onsite like a well-oiled machine, each individual responsible for a certain task of the installation. Usually within a day or two, your landscaping will be complete, and your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Throughout the entire process, we strive to ensure you receive the very best in landscaping design and installation.