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Anemone (Anemone)

This late blooming perennial flower (Aug-Oct) produces white, pink, or red flowers on stems 24-30 inches tall. Anemone will grow in sun or shade and is also known as wind flower.

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Anise Hyssop (Agastche)

This perennial is also called the licorice mint although it is neither licorice nor mint. However the leaves can be used as a culinary herb which combines both those flavors. The flowers should be left for butterflies The scented plant grows16-48 inches tall and has blue bottle-brush flowers blooming from July-Sept. It is heat and drought tolerant and attracts butterflies. When not in bloom it resembles bee balm.

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Arborvitae - Green Giant (Thuja plicata)

This arborvitae is a fast growing evergreen shrub or tree, with a broad, pyramid form. It makes an exceptional hedge or screen plant. Foliage is fragrant, dark green, and deer resistant! In winter the foliage darkens a bit, some with a bronze shading. Once established it is both wind resistant and tolerant of heavy snowfalls.

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Arborvitae-Emerald Green (Thuja Occidentalis)

Narrow evergreen shrub or tree, in the Cypress family, reaching 8-10 ft in height and 3-4 ft in width. Slow growing! Nice plant for screening in small spaces. Foliage appears as flat "sprays" and when you look at it up close it looks to be covered with tiny scales. It is not drought tolerant so water well during hot summers and mulch generously.

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Arborvitae-Hetz Midget (Thuja Occidentalis)

The arborvitae is a small, globe-shaped evergreen shrub reaching only 2-3 ft (24-36 inches) in height. Blue to green foliage appears in flat, fan-shaped clusters. Grand in rock gardens or near foundations. Tolerant of black walnuts!

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Arborvitae-Techny (Thuja Occidentalis)

An easy-growing Pyramidal shaped evergreen tree or shrub which attains 10-15 ft in height. It will be compact, broad-based, upright and conical-pyramidal with dark green foliage which holds its color through winter.

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Aster - Kickin 'Carmine Red' (Aster - Kickin 'Carmine Red')

This variety of aster forms a dense mound of green foliage, with a blanket of flowers that bloom from late summer into fall. It creates a show of beautiful color later in the season!

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Aster Alert (Aster novi-belgi 'Alert')

Closely compacted perennial this aster has a fan-like arrangement of brilliant, daisy-like flowers. It works in rock gardens, borders, butterfly gardens, or containers - just about anywhere. Left alone the plants spread into open mounds as they mature.

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Aster Stokes' (Stokesia)

This perennial aster produces 4 inch purple flowers with white stamens on purplish stems and blooms June-August. Grows 12-18 inches tall and attracts butterflies! Works well as a cut flower. Plant in small groupings. Use it in rock gardens or at border points or in cottage gardens.

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Aster, Purple Dome (Aster n.a. 'Purple Dome')

Appearing as masses of solid royal purple from late summer into fall, these asters form wonderfully compact, rounded mounds. They are terrific accents for fall blooming grasses and the changing colors of the trees. Try cutting a few of the tall, flowering stems for a fresh bouquet--bring the outdoors in.

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