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We apply a slow release fertilizer very early in the season. In ideal conditions we do an application a little later and include crabgrass preventative, but when there has been a dry fall most lawns will improve when over-seeding is done. New growth takes care of brown areas. Since crabgrass preventative keeps wanted grass seed from germinating we wait and apply it later. In step 1 we spot-treat for weeds, as needed.

Broadleaf Weed Control (late April-May) The crew combats unwanted plants at this time. We spray to kill all broadleaf weeds-- dandelions, creeping charley, buckthorn, etc. We also apply crabgrass preventative to insure season-long control. This is a very important step. Please note: Dandelions must be up in order to kill – there is no dandelion preventative.

We apply this step in June/July, depending on the seasonal conditions. This applied chemical gives season-long control of grubs. This step must be watered in after being applied or it will not be effective!

This step is very good for your lawn because it gives it a late fall / early spring boost. It promotes very good root growth. We learned a long time ago that good roots = good grass.

Bagworms will be sprayed. This is done at the optimal time to destroy them.