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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL


Our communication methods vary as much as our landscape designs and installation projects. One thing these have in common though is quality. We reach you in a way you appreciate. First and foremost that is in a job well done at your home and/or business. Additionally we employ a variety of tools to share what’s new with you and hope you will find what we provide educational, entertaining and worth sharing.

We have our Facebook page, which is updated with pictures of recent projects, new plants, and specials we are running.  We use Constant Contact and we have a newsletter. We are migrating to using Constant Contact more. To you this means we will mail a hardcopy newsletter once a year, in the springtime. Other issues of the newsletter will be distributed through our ever-growing list of Constant Contact subscribers.

Please be assured this list is not shared with anyone other than the owners, office manager, and writer. We appreciate your confidence in us on the job and on the Internet. We also know that too much of a good thing is, well, sometimes too much. So we do not spend a lot of time figuring out how to use up a lot of your time. We send out newsy and informative items when they need to go out. If nothing is happening we really find it difficult to write about that!

Please use our Contact Form to sign up to receive future electronic newsletters and other articles. We won't overload you and we won't share your information.