Designer Landscapes

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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

Custom Services

We get calls about custom ironwork. People want arbors, trellises, topiaries, decorative fence pieces. You describe it and we have the creative staff to make it. We do yard-garden related items, not handrails or such. Consider this a “niche offering” – a nice way of saying we make the pieces that are not mass-marketed, made to fit your desires and situation. There’s no need to try to force something to fit into your garden or yard.

Water Features
Water is very soothing. At the end of a busy day or before starting one, we all associate with water, be it making coffee or tea or washing dishes. Think now of the tranquility that comes from employing the sense of hearing. We do not mean the rattle of the TV; we mean the music that you will hear from a water feature.

It can be as simple as a single boulder, a bubbling boulder. Find a spot close to your home and close to an outside outlet. Just as importantly, find a place where you can throw open the window and here the bubbling sensation created. It is incredibly calming.

Looking forward to a pond or a stream, or a fountain? No problem for us. Pick your spot. Let us check it out and come up with an innovative option. Some solutions are sheer beauty; some are serviceable; some are both. If it is what you need it is what we do.

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