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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

5 Step Lawn Care

Designer Landscapes, Inc. offers a comprehensive lawn care service program custom-tailored to the Central Illinois’ area.  Each step of the program is calculated to provide the right amount of fertilizer and weed/insect control to achieve a healthy and lush lawn.  All these steps offer an excellent start to a great looking lawn. 


We also believe in constant education for our lawn care program.  Through continuing education and industry materials, we continually update our program to meet the needs of our customers and to ensure we are providing the best lawn care program in the area.  In 2015, we introduced a bio-fertilizer to our lawn care program.  The bio-fertilizer uses organic materials such as compost and feather meals as opposed to harsh chemicals found in liquid-based fertilizers.  These organic materials help activate existing nutrients in the soil as well as retain moisture, all while making the fertilizer safer for people and pets.   The bio-fertilizer is a granular fertilizer that releases nutrients slowly to keep your lawn healthy through the entire season.


In addition to our lawn care, we offer aeration and overseeding to help achieve the lawn your neighbors will envy!  We’ll work with you to get your yard in great shape for your enjoyment.  Give us a call for a free estimate for our lawn care services.


Step #1 - Early Spring Fertilization & Crabgrass/Early Broadleaf Weed Control (early March)
We apply a slow release fertilizer very early in the season for an early-spring green up.  This is also the time when we can most effectively control crabgrass and will apply crabgrass preventer. In step 1 we spot-treat for broadleaf weeds, as needed.


Step #2 - Crabgrass Preventative plus
Broadleaf Weed Control
 (late April-May) 
The crew combats unwanted plants at this time. We spray to kill all broadleaf weeds-- dandelions, creeping charley, buckthorn, etc. This is a very important step. Please remember that we can only control those broadleaf weeds showing at the time of application.  We also apply crabgrass preventative to insure season-long control.


Step #3 - Grub Control / Fertilizer (late June-early August) 
We apply this step in June/July, depending on the seasonal conditions. This applied chemical gives season-long control of grubs. This step must be watered in after being applied or it will not be effective!  In addition, a slow-release fertilizer is applied at this time to sustain your lawn through the high stress of summer heat.


Step #4 - Broadleaf Weed Control/ Fertilizer (September)
Another application of a slow-release fertilizer is applied to maintain a healthy turf into the fall season.  We will also apply broadleaf weed control to combat fall weeds. 


Step #5 - Fall Fertilization (late October-November)
Fall is the best growing time of the year for turf grass.  We’ll apply a final application of fertilizer to help promote good root growth, which in turn, will help maximize recovery from any summer stresses and give a boost for the spring season.


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