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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

General Yard Services

Some of the lawn care duties we Midwesterners face are not as much fun as we’d like. Gorgeous looking yards take a goodly amount of time and effort. Why, just regular upkeep on a nice looking lawn is hard work. We gladly tackle major aspects of the particularly unpleasant jobs; all you have to do is call for an appointment. We may even have someone on the crew who will whistle while they work making it seem downright enjoyable – and it is for us because we have the experience needed to make certain tasks get done when they need to be and with the right tools and materials; done to create the ultimate natural yet finished look. Could it be any easier for you? We think not.

Here’s a list of the services which take you from early spring to late fall.

Spring and Fall Cleanup


5 Step Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration

Tree and Shrub Spraying

Summer Trimming


Deep Root Fertilization


You can select the services you want and email us to get on the schedule. If it is better for you to call and talk to us, please do. We enjoy hearing from you.

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