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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL


The night-scapes of yards, gardens, business landscapes should be well-planned in terms of safety and design. Designer Landscapes offers top of the line products which, when matched with top of the line design ideas, provide long-lasting LED lights to showcase beautiful highlights as well as provide safety lighting around walks and entrances.

The assortment of heights, types, and surface colors can be mixed and matched depending on how the lighting will be used. Consider uplighting in areas where you have tall plants, accent trees or shrubs, or even at the sides of entrances. Spotlighting works in some of the same ways but in a more downward or direct placement. Softer, accent lights are key to walkways and in bedding or boulder areas to guide the way.

Talk to our experts about what style of lighting will fit best in the landscape and home décor you have. You choose from our made in America product line and we’ll get your selection ordered and installed professionally. Once done you will not have to deal with lighting again for years. Unless, of course, you want more lights!

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