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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

Raised Gardens

If it had been around for a year or two we would have labeled "raised gardening" a fad, done a couple as requested, and moved on to do more traditional or innovative projects. The fact is it’s not a fad. Given the resurgence of vegetable gardening in the US during the past few years we're expecting we'll be doing raised gardens more and more. Creative gardening landscapes evolve when a challenge presents itself to our designer. Perhaps apartment, condo or townhouse dwellers want a defined garden space but have limited claim to the outdoor property. Other clients recall the gardens of their childhood but know something sizeable and, well, at ground level, will be unmanageable. How about something raised up off the ground on one or more levels? It makes sense. Getting it designed, constructed, and prepared for planting by the DLI crew only makes sound sense. We’ll create a setting that fits into your landscape, no matter what it is. We’ll bring the materials for the plan you approve, along with the proper soil mixture for a healthy garden to grow. You’ll put in the plants, keep it watered, and enjoy the fruits of your "labors"! One phone call gets the crew in motion.

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