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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

Removal & Renovation

Every building ages. Sometimes it is possible to identify how old a building (commercial or residential) is by knowing the style popular, oh, let's say, in the 70's or 80's. No doubt you can picture a strip mall or a subdivision built in that time period, regardless of your own age. Some of these places have been "spruced up" over time, by some DIY landscaping or maybe a lawn service. Even that gets dated and eventually ignored. Why look at something that's just "there"?

Curb appeal must be updated and maintained. In fact, your home or business should always be flattered by the landscape which surrounds it, front and back. It's a tricky situation to get it just right. Shrubs and plants get overgrown and shapeless. Some start new growth, some take over, some die. It shows to all who see it and, well, admit it, more customers, neighbors and friends see the outside than see the inside of where you work or live.

Let us take a look at the situation. It's possible to do some updating and re-modeling by removing some of the old and bringing in new textures and plants. Whether what you want is minimalist or flourishing an updated and upgraded look is do-able. What image do you want to project to those who are on your premises or enjoying your home and yard? Check out what we have done with patios and walkways. You'll find they may be inviting, relaxing, casual, even formal. Boulder groupings make a strong statement of permanence and a grand backdrop for signage or a protected, delicate and elegant planting. Integrate some of your old time favorites with new colors. Include seating areas. Challenge us and we'll get right to work!

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