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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

Top Soil Shredding

Top Soil ShreddingWe use native dirt, known in polite society as raw soil. You read that right; keep going. Designer Landscapes, Inc. is in the shredding business – shredding soil and making it ideal for your landscape projects. Dirt can be a very touchy subject, you must agree. First of all, paying for it is odd; it’s everywhere, right? But we avoid bringing soil that is wet and smelly and in huge clumps which leave air pockets or packs down really hard. What you may not realize is how important starting with good soil is. After all, deep down, who sees it? What we all see is what rises up out of the ground, popping up through the top layer: the pretty, boldly colored flower or ornamental grass, or the devastatingly obvious w-e-e-d. Our cleaner-than-most soil comes right from our place to yours, after we work it over to get the right nutrient mix, the right balance for working in the soil. There may be a secret ingredient added to it also. It’s easier to rake and scoop not to mention to dig into – all being good news to workers and plants alike. Finally, once we’ve shredded soil we keep it in a storage shed so it is always dry and ready to make the trip to your business or home and be put to work right away!

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