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Designer Landscapes - Farmersville, IL

Walls, Walkways, & Patios

Landscaping often begins with intentions of beautifying a setting and grows into doing so with some underlying improvements. Consider the benefits of a retaining wall. If they are built correctly not only do they hold back a slope subject to erode over time, they serve as an attractive feature. Selecting proper, quality materials and installing according to code, with a strong base and solid design, make all the difference in the outcome. The final product is serviceable and dramatic.

Sometimes a wall goes in place to mark a division in spaces, serving as something nice to enjoy, perhaps as a background for plantings or to provide a border in an entertainment area. You know how you’d want it and have the luxury of having it swirl, circle, squared off, or set up however you need it to be. Built with the finest materials, by the area’s topnotch talent, the decorative walls are just as dramatic as a retaining wall; they just do not have to "work" as hard!

Walls and Walkways (Pavers)Walkways
Go from Point A to Point B then over a bridge and on to Point C. Cross between the bridge and C to make a wavy pattern around the evergreens and then head back to have it meet up with….Just go outside and walk where you’d want a walkway. Dream as you do then write it all done and give us a call so we can share in your dream. We’ll build the walkway. Before we do we’ll ask you to choose the materials, then the shapes, textures, and colors. We like to say our walkway construction offers a creative range from palace-worthy to Walden Pond-appropriate. Let your imagination do the walking.

There’s often a space in landscape settings where patios are appropriate. Employees may enjoy breaks or lunches outside. Families gather for cookouts and stargazing. People love being outside and having a "room" to mingle and munch has fast become popular in the United States. It’s a "can do" project, even in central Illinois.

Once again Designer Landscapes begins with your ideas and our quality products. Depending on the setting, use, and existing landscapes we may incorporate a variety of materials, mix up the coloration a bit, include plantings and lighting, and add a water feature and/or a fire pit. Take it from us, you’ll be dazzled with the outcome and find yourselves speaking aloud that all-to-familiar, "Why didn’t we do this sooner?".

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